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The town of Conversano rises in the heart of Apuglia, characteristic Region of the south of Italy, on a hill of the "Murgia
to 219 meters on the sea level.
Conversano is just 8 km far from the Adriatic sea, where is located Cozze, a small tourist place, furnished with turned
bathing establishments to the adults and children's comfort.

Conversano is situated to south of Bari from which is far just 30 km and from which is easily attainable crossing the S.S.
16 in south direction. The proximity to Bari and its strategic geographical position, has favoured the development of the
city since the times of the age of the iron, as the influences derived by the harbours of the Mediterranean one.

The city of Conversano has got an ample endowment of infrastructures both public as hospital, railway station (FSE) and
schools and private as cinema is deprived, theatre, sporting fittingness, restaurants, local nighttimes. Among the most
active centres of the region, it results particularly not only appreciated for the art and the culture, but also for the
possibilities of relaxation and for the nighttimes life.
All this rends Conversano one of the most preferred towns by the inhabitants of the surrounding zones.

At Conversano it is possible to visit a lot of monuments, museums, historical installations and....more over.
Via Norba n° 22 - 70014 Conversano - Bari - Italy
Tel.: +39 080 495 65 01 - Mobile: +39 339 83 58 371

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